Himalayan Salt kitchenware Items


Salt is as essential to the human body as water is and the body needs almost half a kilogram of salt at any point in time to maintain proper functioning. Salt is necessary for the normal functioning of the metabolism, the absorption of water, the electrical communication between the cells, and also for mineral nutrition.

Cooking your meals with Himalayan salt kitchenware Items products, such as chopping your food on the Himalayan Salt chopping board, the food absorbs negative ions immediately, which benefits your body on various levels.

You can serve food on Himalayan salt slabs, heat food directly on Himalayan Salt Round Utility Plate, place dry fruits in Himalayan Salt Caddy etc. It is entirely how you want to make use to the products in your daily life.     

  • Himalayan Salt
    chef Board

    Code: HSC-Board

  • Himalayan Salt
    Mortar & Pestle -
    Bowl Shape*

    Code: HSMP-BWS

  • Himalayan Salt
    Motor & Pestle
    - Cylinder Shape*

    Code: HSMP-CYLP

  • Himalayan Salt
    Chef Bowl*

    Code: HSCB-002

  • Himalayan Salt

    Code: HSC-001

  • Himalayan Salt
    Slab Set*

    Code: HSSS

  • Himalayan Salt
    Round Utility Plate*

    Code: HSRUP

  • Himalayan Salt

    Code: HSG-01

  • Himalayan Salt

    Code: HSUS

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